Friday, September 5, 2014

September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 

Dear Family and Friends! 

What a week!!! Flew by and was full of miracle after miracle!!!! My district had four baptisms this week!!!!! We baptized Andre and Isabel :) Yes!!!!! It was a beautiful baptism :) Isabel was so excited and adorable in her little white jumpsuit. After 78 years she was finally baptized and has never been happier. I love her!! She calls me her beautiful daughter and never stops hugging me I love it. Watching her being baptized was one of the tenderest moments in my life. It was a promise fulfilled from many years ago and I know the heavens were rejoicing :) Andre was also super excited. He has quite a heavy past life and changed so many things to be baptized. The church saved his life and he is so happy and finally clean.  

I was thinking about that this week. How through baptism we are made clean again. What a promise! The Lord has given us the tools and the commandments, and if we are faithful, we can be clean of every sin that we have ever committed. It is remarkable!! I am so grateful for the mercy God shows to each of his children.  

I know he lives and loves us!! We were sent here to earth to gain the knowledge we need and to do everything we can possibly do in order to return to his presence. I know that charity is and pure love of Christ and that through Christ-like love, miracles happen.  

I love this work and have felt the power of the atonement change me. I am still "Haley", but just with a different sparkle ;)  

love you all! Have a wonderful week :) 


Love always, 

Sister Sender 


I dont know anymore hahaha everything is normal... hmmmmmm American culture will be weird. 


tchau!! I will send pictures :) 

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