Friday, September 5, 2014

August 18, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

What a week! It was a bit of a tough one, but we learned a lot. We were rejected a lot and honestly I had the opportunity to feel the sorrow our Heavenly Father feels when his children do not come unto him. My main purpose as a missionary and most important in my opinion is to invite others to come unto Christ through his restored gospel. It is a simple and yet complex purpose, but is so rewarding. This week was full of challenges and I won’t lie, I got a bit discouraged. I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. We were rejected so much, our appts fell through all week, out scheduled baptism fell through 20 mins before it started and we were just not seeing the "fruits" of our labors. I came to a conclusion. A prayer filled answer really. We were inviting and doing everything we could (100% obedience has always been my goal), but we don’t have control of how others will react to our invite or if they accept it. Christ was not accepted by everyone he met. He was rejected day after day until his eternal sacrifice, why would I be exempt from being rejected as a representative of Christ? Rejection really means we are doing the Lords work. 


On Thursday we had a testimony building experience with this idea. We were searching for an address and stopped in front of a house. We clapped at the gate and a man came to the door. We asked for directions and he started yelling questions about what church we belonged to. We told him " A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ùltimos dias". He replied "oh those Mormons!!" In that moment he started angrily screaming that Joseph Smith was not a prophet, the Book of Mormon condemned God, that we were part of a cult that didn’t believe in God, that only the bible was truly the word of God and he continued for a while screaming. He asked a few questions and really the spirit took over. my companion was a nervous wreck, staring at him (she even asked for a cup of water!! haha). Our convert Jamilli was with us and was shocked. I was surprised to find myself completely calm and answered every question with the Bible and the Book of Mormon. After answering a few questions he stopped looking at me in the eyes. He talked about a book he had that talked about other religions. I didn’t want to "Bible bash" or debate so I just testified. He didn’t stop screaming, but we calming testified of truth and said good afternoon. 


My testimony was strengthened during that 5-10 min conversation. Knowing that we stood our ground and defended the true gospel of Christ. I invited him to search for himself, to pray and ask God. We invited him unto Christ, he just chose not to accept our invite. I know that the Lord was guiding our words and thoughts that afternoon and that he knew the power 10 mins had to strengthen my testimony of this work and gospel. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He paid for every one of our sins, and that only through him we can one day return and live in the presence of our Father in heaven. I love my Savior and am so grateful for his example of truly enduring to the end.


Have a wonderful week!! 


com amor,

Sister Sender 

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