Friday, September 5, 2014

July 28, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week and another transfer has come to a close.... nossa!! It passes by so fast!! I will be staying in Castanhal and will be serving with Sister Ribeiro :) My mini missionary finished her mission today (her b-day) and it was super special. It was fun but I am excited to see the miracles that await us! 


We had a wonderful work filled week. I went on splits with my district and it was a blast serving with Sister Neal for a little bit. She is a powerful missionary. As we taught Avilá we were touched by her excitement and joy. Avilá was a street contact that decided to visit the church one Sunday. We made our first visit in her home, and she was thrilled. She really has been prepared by the hand of God. She even took her sister with her to church yesterday :) The spirit really does touch the hearts of those that listen. 


My comp Sister G. Cardoso and I had a few miracles this week too. On Thursday we were walking down the street and I felt impressed to knock on a door. I didn’t listen... instantly, the thought came "remember what happened with Jamile... what if you refused to talk to her?" We back tracked and knocked on the door. We taught a very special family that night. We passed by their house Saturday to confirm that they would be going to church on Sunday. They were so excited. I will be honest and say I was nervous that they would actually go. We passed by on Sunday and all 6 of them and their two grandchildren were all ready for church. When we arrived at church everything worked out so smoothly. They were prepared. They already had quite a few member friends!! It was actually quite funny to see the 75 year old grandma basically yelling at her friend for not inviting her earlier! Even a few young men thanked us and apologized that they hadn’t thought to share the gospel with this family. It was a very humbling experience for us and also for many members. I know that the Lord is guiding my mission and his work. 


I started reflexing a ton after yesterday. I think there really were so many more people in my home town that I could have invited and just never did. This is something that every one of you can count on me changing after the mission. I will invite my friends to learn more. Why didn’t I do that earlier? Who was I to judge whether or not they would accept or were ready? I am so grateful for the power of repentance. 


I love my mission and this work is moving forward. After a great conversation with my mission president this morning, I am so excited to see what this transfer has in store :) 


I love you all! Keep the faith and share this powerful message!! 


have a fantastic week! 


Love Always,

Sister Sender  



- churrasco (grilled meat almost steak) is a typical food for parties and whenever you invite friends over 

- we clean the floor with powdered laundry soap and a broom 

-  the sun is always the strongest 12pm-3pm and people think we are crazy walking in the sun 

- there is currently a baby ant crawling on the computer screen.... totally normal... 

- my area has a lot of snakes that get run over by cars daily 

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