Friday, September 5, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear family and Friends,

Well I made it!!! 21 times around the sun and still kicking hahah wow 21!!!!! ahhhh that is just old.... My birthday was great :) super simple, but full of serving so it was fantastic :) I wanted to share a miracle that was the best birthday present I could have asked for.  

So I wanted to drink Açai on my birthday, but I wanted to drink it with Isabel our 78 year old investigator. We went over to her house that evening and I bought Açai for us all to drink and share. While we were teaching her, she started sharing an experience. She had told me a few days earlier that she had had a dream about me. She started sharing her dream... 

She said that a few years ago she had this dream... 

she was at home with her husband (he passed away 11 years ago) and walked outside. She started hearing a bunch of noise and became very scared. She thought the world was ending. She ran home and called for her husband. He told her that it wasn’t sounds of the world ending, but of trumpets of angels sounding. She went back outside and found the place where she was hearing the sounds. She entered the place and saw three angels in long robes. The first was a short small angel in blue. Another was in a large angel in a green robe. And the third was a tall thin white angel in a white robe. She said that the angel was whiter that anything she had ever seen. With tears in her eyes (and mine) she looked at me and said "It was you". Isabel continued and said that i was the captain angel guiding the others and that I started talking to her (in the dream) and said "Isabel, do you have faith?" She replied "yes".  

Isable continued to explain that she knows that the Lord sent us to rescue her. He sent us to her house to find her, In that moment she said that she knew she needed to be baptized. I was then crying like a baby. It was like reliving a memory of a past life. I know it wasn’t a dream she was describing. It was a memory. 


It was the best possible birthday present I could have received. It was the most powerful spiritual experience that I have had during my mission. More powerful than speaking without an accent with Khalil, silvo praying, deborah receiving her answer, or afternoons with Henriqueita. I have had countless spiritual experiences here in the mission field, but my 21st birthday was the first time I touched the other side of heaven. 


I will never forget the day we walked past Isabel's house and the impression and clear voice of the spirit to go back and knock on the door. We are rescuing one of my dearest lifelong friends. Isabel. A friend from long before this life. Her baptism will be beautiful. We finished the evening laughing, drinking açai and looking at old photos of her 7 children. She is an angel. As we left we embraced for awhile. As if two best friends embraced after a distance apart. I couldn’t help but say "I love you Isabel" and she replied "I love you too". 


I know that I was called to Belém for a sacred purpose. I know my savior lives and that the Lord knows each of his children. If he could sent a 21yr old sister to a 78 year old widow. He knows us. 


I love you all!  

have a wonderful week:)


love always,

Sister Sender 

Ps: Wyllon was baptized sat!!!! It was incredible!!!! 

pps: we had 8 investigators at church yesterday and the power went out.... it was an adventure!!!!! :) love you all 

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