Friday, September 5, 2014

August 11, 2014

Dear Family and Friends, 

It was a great week! We walked, worked and taught a ton! Wednesday I had the opportunity to travel to Belém for another leadership training mtg which was wonderful. I learned a ton and really felt the love the Lord has for each of his missionaries. This week we also baptized two young men (Brothers) Welber and Walber. It was a very spiritual experience to see just how far they have come and to see the gospel blessing their family. We are currently processing the wedding documents for their parents and will shortly have another baptism for their parents. They are so excited and are making all of the changes necessary to one day be an eternal family. 


I know that families are ordained for God. He guides his families here on earth and wanted what is best for each of his children. If we use our agency correctly we will one day receive all of the promised blessing of the Lord. I know that Families can be together forever through all eternity. That is my desire and goal. To be worthy to spend eternity with my eternal family. I hope you each strive to have that very same goal. 


Have a wonderful week! 


Love always,

Sister Sender 



-They love perfume (men and women) 

- I have started to love cold showers. (after one year, I can jump in the cold water without reacting!!!) 

- We sleep with bug spray and 2 fans to blow the mosquitoes away.... sometimes you find them dead in your bed in the morning...

- I have recently started talking in my sleep and waking up at 1am to pray to then realize that it is 1 am! haha it is crazy :) 

- I love the people here and the generosity :) 


(I can’t speak/write in English anymore... it requires a lot of thinking) 


love you all!! 

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