Friday, September 5, 2014

September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 

Dear Family and Friends! 

What a week!!! Flew by and was full of miracle after miracle!!!! My district had four baptisms this week!!!!! We baptized Andre and Isabel :) Yes!!!!! It was a beautiful baptism :) Isabel was so excited and adorable in her little white jumpsuit. After 78 years she was finally baptized and has never been happier. I love her!! She calls me her beautiful daughter and never stops hugging me I love it. Watching her being baptized was one of the tenderest moments in my life. It was a promise fulfilled from many years ago and I know the heavens were rejoicing :) Andre was also super excited. He has quite a heavy past life and changed so many things to be baptized. The church saved his life and he is so happy and finally clean.  

I was thinking about that this week. How through baptism we are made clean again. What a promise! The Lord has given us the tools and the commandments, and if we are faithful, we can be clean of every sin that we have ever committed. It is remarkable!! I am so grateful for the mercy God shows to each of his children.  

I know he lives and loves us!! We were sent here to earth to gain the knowledge we need and to do everything we can possibly do in order to return to his presence. I know that charity is and pure love of Christ and that through Christ-like love, miracles happen.  

I love this work and have felt the power of the atonement change me. I am still "Haley", but just with a different sparkle ;)  

love you all! Have a wonderful week :) 


Love always, 

Sister Sender 


I dont know anymore hahaha everything is normal... hmmmmmm American culture will be weird. 


tchau!! I will send pictures :) 

August 25, 2014

Dear family and Friends,

Well I made it!!! 21 times around the sun and still kicking hahah wow 21!!!!! ahhhh that is just old.... My birthday was great :) super simple, but full of serving so it was fantastic :) I wanted to share a miracle that was the best birthday present I could have asked for.  

So I wanted to drink Açai on my birthday, but I wanted to drink it with Isabel our 78 year old investigator. We went over to her house that evening and I bought Açai for us all to drink and share. While we were teaching her, she started sharing an experience. She had told me a few days earlier that she had had a dream about me. She started sharing her dream... 

She said that a few years ago she had this dream... 

she was at home with her husband (he passed away 11 years ago) and walked outside. She started hearing a bunch of noise and became very scared. She thought the world was ending. She ran home and called for her husband. He told her that it wasn’t sounds of the world ending, but of trumpets of angels sounding. She went back outside and found the place where she was hearing the sounds. She entered the place and saw three angels in long robes. The first was a short small angel in blue. Another was in a large angel in a green robe. And the third was a tall thin white angel in a white robe. She said that the angel was whiter that anything she had ever seen. With tears in her eyes (and mine) she looked at me and said "It was you". Isabel continued and said that i was the captain angel guiding the others and that I started talking to her (in the dream) and said "Isabel, do you have faith?" She replied "yes".  

Isable continued to explain that she knows that the Lord sent us to rescue her. He sent us to her house to find her, In that moment she said that she knew she needed to be baptized. I was then crying like a baby. It was like reliving a memory of a past life. I know it wasn’t a dream she was describing. It was a memory. 


It was the best possible birthday present I could have received. It was the most powerful spiritual experience that I have had during my mission. More powerful than speaking without an accent with Khalil, silvo praying, deborah receiving her answer, or afternoons with Henriqueita. I have had countless spiritual experiences here in the mission field, but my 21st birthday was the first time I touched the other side of heaven. 


I will never forget the day we walked past Isabel's house and the impression and clear voice of the spirit to go back and knock on the door. We are rescuing one of my dearest lifelong friends. Isabel. A friend from long before this life. Her baptism will be beautiful. We finished the evening laughing, drinking açai and looking at old photos of her 7 children. She is an angel. As we left we embraced for awhile. As if two best friends embraced after a distance apart. I couldn’t help but say "I love you Isabel" and she replied "I love you too". 


I know that I was called to Belém for a sacred purpose. I know my savior lives and that the Lord knows each of his children. If he could sent a 21yr old sister to a 78 year old widow. He knows us. 


I love you all!  

have a wonderful week:)


love always,

Sister Sender 

Ps: Wyllon was baptized sat!!!! It was incredible!!!! 

pps: we had 8 investigators at church yesterday and the power went out.... it was an adventure!!!!! :) love you all 

August 18, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

What a week! It was a bit of a tough one, but we learned a lot. We were rejected a lot and honestly I had the opportunity to feel the sorrow our Heavenly Father feels when his children do not come unto him. My main purpose as a missionary and most important in my opinion is to invite others to come unto Christ through his restored gospel. It is a simple and yet complex purpose, but is so rewarding. This week was full of challenges and I won’t lie, I got a bit discouraged. I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. We were rejected so much, our appts fell through all week, out scheduled baptism fell through 20 mins before it started and we were just not seeing the "fruits" of our labors. I came to a conclusion. A prayer filled answer really. We were inviting and doing everything we could (100% obedience has always been my goal), but we don’t have control of how others will react to our invite or if they accept it. Christ was not accepted by everyone he met. He was rejected day after day until his eternal sacrifice, why would I be exempt from being rejected as a representative of Christ? Rejection really means we are doing the Lords work. 


On Thursday we had a testimony building experience with this idea. We were searching for an address and stopped in front of a house. We clapped at the gate and a man came to the door. We asked for directions and he started yelling questions about what church we belonged to. We told him " A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ùltimos dias". He replied "oh those Mormons!!" In that moment he started angrily screaming that Joseph Smith was not a prophet, the Book of Mormon condemned God, that we were part of a cult that didn’t believe in God, that only the bible was truly the word of God and he continued for a while screaming. He asked a few questions and really the spirit took over. my companion was a nervous wreck, staring at him (she even asked for a cup of water!! haha). Our convert Jamilli was with us and was shocked. I was surprised to find myself completely calm and answered every question with the Bible and the Book of Mormon. After answering a few questions he stopped looking at me in the eyes. He talked about a book he had that talked about other religions. I didn’t want to "Bible bash" or debate so I just testified. He didn’t stop screaming, but we calming testified of truth and said good afternoon. 


My testimony was strengthened during that 5-10 min conversation. Knowing that we stood our ground and defended the true gospel of Christ. I invited him to search for himself, to pray and ask God. We invited him unto Christ, he just chose not to accept our invite. I know that the Lord was guiding our words and thoughts that afternoon and that he knew the power 10 mins had to strengthen my testimony of this work and gospel. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He paid for every one of our sins, and that only through him we can one day return and live in the presence of our Father in heaven. I love my Savior and am so grateful for his example of truly enduring to the end.


Have a wonderful week!! 


com amor,

Sister Sender 

August 11, 2014

Dear Family and Friends, 

It was a great week! We walked, worked and taught a ton! Wednesday I had the opportunity to travel to Belém for another leadership training mtg which was wonderful. I learned a ton and really felt the love the Lord has for each of his missionaries. This week we also baptized two young men (Brothers) Welber and Walber. It was a very spiritual experience to see just how far they have come and to see the gospel blessing their family. We are currently processing the wedding documents for their parents and will shortly have another baptism for their parents. They are so excited and are making all of the changes necessary to one day be an eternal family. 


I know that families are ordained for God. He guides his families here on earth and wanted what is best for each of his children. If we use our agency correctly we will one day receive all of the promised blessing of the Lord. I know that Families can be together forever through all eternity. That is my desire and goal. To be worthy to spend eternity with my eternal family. I hope you each strive to have that very same goal. 


Have a wonderful week! 


Love always,

Sister Sender 



-They love perfume (men and women) 

- I have started to love cold showers. (after one year, I can jump in the cold water without reacting!!!) 

- We sleep with bug spray and 2 fans to blow the mosquitoes away.... sometimes you find them dead in your bed in the morning...

- I have recently started talking in my sleep and waking up at 1am to pray to then realize that it is 1 am! haha it is crazy :) 

- I love the people here and the generosity :) 


(I can’t speak/write in English anymore... it requires a lot of thinking) 


love you all!! 

August 4, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow another week!! Nossa!! This week was great :) My companion Sister Ribeiro and I went right to work and are trying to see the miracles happen. We saw a few and my testimony was once again strengthened. I wanted to share a story. 


Saturday night we were walking home after a few appts fell through. We started hearing a kitten crying. (Yes, I know I don’t like cats) I felt pity for this kitten and my comp picked it up. I started thinking and praying to know who would give this kitten a home. We started walking home and a name came to mind. (Evete). We walked the 30 mins to her house with the kitten crying super loud. We got there to find tem getting ready to leave for a b-day party. They gave the kitten a little bit of milk, talked to their neighbor who gladly took in the kitten. Evete quickly asked if I knew how to braid hair. I said yes and started braiding her hair. After about 30 seconds she softly said, "I will go to church tomorrow". I was shocked because she always had an excuse not to go. I was so excited! We chatted and she wanted to walk to the party which was in the same direction as our house, so we walked together. She started talking about how earlier that day she has asked a woman from her church to do her hair for the party and the woman replied that if she had time she would. At about 8pm Evete started praying to have someone to do her hair. She came to the conclusion that she was used to "leaving home ugly" and started to lose hope. At that very moment we knocked on her door and were able to help. She said "God sent two angels to my house tonight". The Lord put that kitten there with a purpose!!!! My aunt Saresa taught me how to French braid for a purpose too :) I know it sounds so silly to think that a kitten could make such a difference, but it was another testimony to me that the Lord guides his children to help one another. 


I am so grateful for this gospel and know that it is true. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored through a prophet of God. The gospel holds the answers to all of life’s deepest questions. I love this work! I love my Savior and know that he gave his life for each of us individually. He lives! 


I love this people and am honored to be here in Belém serving! 


Love always,

Sister Sender 



-we eat rice with spaghetti noodles and beans every day and they switch between chicken and beef. salad is lettuce and sliced cucumbers or tomatoes without dressing.  (sometimes they put sal or vinagre on it) 


- it is summer here too :) 95-115 everyday walking in the sun is a blast :) anything below 80 degrees is freezing!! 


love ya! 

July 28, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week and another transfer has come to a close.... nossa!! It passes by so fast!! I will be staying in Castanhal and will be serving with Sister Ribeiro :) My mini missionary finished her mission today (her b-day) and it was super special. It was fun but I am excited to see the miracles that await us! 


We had a wonderful work filled week. I went on splits with my district and it was a blast serving with Sister Neal for a little bit. She is a powerful missionary. As we taught Avilá we were touched by her excitement and joy. Avilá was a street contact that decided to visit the church one Sunday. We made our first visit in her home, and she was thrilled. She really has been prepared by the hand of God. She even took her sister with her to church yesterday :) The spirit really does touch the hearts of those that listen. 


My comp Sister G. Cardoso and I had a few miracles this week too. On Thursday we were walking down the street and I felt impressed to knock on a door. I didn’t listen... instantly, the thought came "remember what happened with Jamile... what if you refused to talk to her?" We back tracked and knocked on the door. We taught a very special family that night. We passed by their house Saturday to confirm that they would be going to church on Sunday. They were so excited. I will be honest and say I was nervous that they would actually go. We passed by on Sunday and all 6 of them and their two grandchildren were all ready for church. When we arrived at church everything worked out so smoothly. They were prepared. They already had quite a few member friends!! It was actually quite funny to see the 75 year old grandma basically yelling at her friend for not inviting her earlier! Even a few young men thanked us and apologized that they hadn’t thought to share the gospel with this family. It was a very humbling experience for us and also for many members. I know that the Lord is guiding my mission and his work. 


I started reflexing a ton after yesterday. I think there really were so many more people in my home town that I could have invited and just never did. This is something that every one of you can count on me changing after the mission. I will invite my friends to learn more. Why didn’t I do that earlier? Who was I to judge whether or not they would accept or were ready? I am so grateful for the power of repentance. 


I love my mission and this work is moving forward. After a great conversation with my mission president this morning, I am so excited to see what this transfer has in store :) 


I love you all! Keep the faith and share this powerful message!! 


have a fantastic week! 


Love Always,

Sister Sender  



- churrasco (grilled meat almost steak) is a typical food for parties and whenever you invite friends over 

- we clean the floor with powdered laundry soap and a broom 

-  the sun is always the strongest 12pm-3pm and people think we are crazy walking in the sun 

- there is currently a baby ant crawling on the computer screen.... totally normal... 

- my area has a lot of snakes that get run over by cars daily 

July 21, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

It was a week of serious hard work. We walked a ton, talked with so many people, fasted, and prayed to see the miracles that were waiting for us. A few we were privileged to witness and a few others we are still waiting. Patience is a virtue ;) 


It was wonderful walking to church yesterday with Caio (kyle) and to see the excitement on his face. He is making so many changes and really letting the gospel change his life. He has so many goals and dreams, and as he learns more about this perfect gospel, he is witnessing just how perfectly the gospel fits into his future goals. It has really strengthened my testimony watching him progress in the gospel. It was also wonderful seeing Jamili enter the church yesterday with a huge smile on her face. She is studying and learning, asking questions and even shared her conversion story with Caio. The spirit was incredible watching one recent convert teach an investigator and share the joy that this gospel brings. 


I know that our savior lives. He loves each of us and yearns to see us doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord. Our goal is to return to live with him for eternity. 


I love this work!! Have a wonderful week :)


Love Always,

Sister Sender 


ps: cultural


-a normal pet would be a dog, cat or parrot. There are tons of parrots here :)

- when you celebrate your birthday here, you eat and eat and eat and eat and they invite the entire family and blast music etc. 

- it is hard to think of cultural things because I am used to the culture now... everything is normal....  


July 14, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week flew by!!! I feel like I haven’t slept in a year haha but it is so worth it! We had a miracle on Saturday with the Baptism of Jamile :) She was glowing and so ready :) It really put into perspective yet again for me that our father in Heaven really does love us. He loves Jamile so much and prepared her for this time. Yesterday, when she received the Holy Ghost, in her blessing, she was promised that she would always have the strength to be a light for her family and friends. She most certainly is and I am so proud of her decision to enter Christ's church. Camilie is preparing to be baptized in a few weeks and we are excited for her :) 


We also had a wonderful miracle yesterday that was combined with a miracle during the week. We had received a reference to visit kyle and he was so ready. He mentioned that he has been visiting the church every Wednesday night for more than two years, but never had missionaries teach him. We talked with him and when I asked why he wanted baptized in the church he replied "I never was invited!". I think my chin almost touched the ground. We taught him and he accepted a baptismal date without a question. Then yesterday we called to confirm that he would be going to church and he said yes everything was good to go. it was a little bit before church started and my comp felt impressed to call him. We called and he said that he wouldn’t be going to church because he didn’t have a way to get there. We quickly arranged a way and he loved the church service and was so excited. I know that the spirit was testifying to him and my comp yesterday. 


I love this work and the miracles that we are seeing. Yes it is hard work, are there are lots of moments of disappointment (one investigator snuck out his window yesterday and didn’t want to talk to us), but the miracles and spiritual moments make every effort worth it. 


I hope that you are all doing well! Thank you for the thoughts and prayers! 


Love always,

Sister Sender 


July 8, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I feel like my life is currently running a race that never slows down! This week was incredible and so busy! Because of the world cup, Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday haha) we had to stay home for the afternoon and I was going crazy haha I wanted to be teaching people. Then Wednesday we traveled to Belém for a leadership conference, and then yesterday we had mission conference in Belém. It was incredible :) So today we have a little bit of time to send out a message. This week was full of miracles. I learned a ton about the power of work, faith and prayer. We have been sprinting full speed and miracles are happening. We have been teaching a ton of new people and they are progressing. I really feel the Saviors love for them and my love for my investigators grows daily. I wanted to share a quick experience.

Jamile and Camile. One day a few weeks ago, we were walking in the street and my comp saw a tree that she loves to make "tea" (water with the leaves boiled in it) with the leaves.  We knocked on the door and asked if we could pick some leaves from the tree. Jamile said yes and we started talking to her. We felt really strongly to just be blunt with her. We told her our purpose and that we had a message to share with her "right now" We entered her house and shared a spirit filled lesson. she was excited and I know that she was waiting for us. We marked a return appt and left. When we returned for the second visit he was waiting and ready with her sister (camile). They both were actively involved in the lesson and were excited about visiting the church. When Sunday came... they weren’t home. We were heart broken. We passed by the next day and their mom said that they went to Belém because of a death in the family, but had called a bunch of times to make sure that we knew that they wanted to go the following week. That was exciting we returned and kept teaching. They went to a baptism service on Saturday and said it was "incredible". They eagerly went to church Sunday and are preparing for baptism. We are so excited! They even cancelled a summer vacation so that they can be baptized :) I know that the Lord planted that special tree in front of their house for a reason ;)

 I am so grateful for the power of the spirit. I know that Christ lives and loves us. It is through the first step of baptism that we can come closer to Christ. It is not just any random baptism. It is being baptized in the Christ's restored church by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. A power that you can only find in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that to be true because the Holy Ghost has testified in my heart that it is true. I love this work and know that there are thousands waiting to learn about this beautiful gospel.

I love you all!! Have a wonderful week

Love always,

Sister Sender