Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 27, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

It is short this week, but I love all of you! Here is part of a story that I shared with a really special friend this week...

 We also had a baptism this past Saturday for Adriele. She has an incredible story! She was traveling in another state in Brazil (Macapá). It is part of my mission and is positioned on the equator! She had a friend at work tell her a little about the church and she was curious. When she was leaving Macapá she saw two elders, and started talking to them. They ended up passing her address to me later that day and we were able to visit her the following day. However, the first time we passed by her house, she wasn’t home, but we felt really strongly that we needed to pass by again that same day. We passed by again that night and she was so excited. We started teaching her and the spirit was so strong. She asked if she could be baptized on her 18th birthday  (Feb 16th) and of course we said yes. Then her first Sunday we had a huge rain storm and she was stranded in her house waiting for the rain to pass. (she lives really far from the church). My companion and I prayed for a way to get her to church. A name of a member popped in my head. We called him up and he was able to pass by our house and then her house to give her a ride to church. She loved it! We continued teaching her and in our second visit she asked if she could be baptized earlier. Of course! She was golden Kade! Her baptism on Saturday was incredible! The bishop baptized her and practically the whole ward was there to support her. She is a miracle! Yesterday She received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and I have never seen someone so excited and ready to make and keep covenants with our father in heaven. I love this work and know that I was called to serve here in Brazil in order to meet all of the wonderful ready Children of God.
Have a wonderful week!