Friday, September 5, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow another week!! Nossa!! This week was great :) My companion Sister Ribeiro and I went right to work and are trying to see the miracles happen. We saw a few and my testimony was once again strengthened. I wanted to share a story. 


Saturday night we were walking home after a few appts fell through. We started hearing a kitten crying. (Yes, I know I don’t like cats) I felt pity for this kitten and my comp picked it up. I started thinking and praying to know who would give this kitten a home. We started walking home and a name came to mind. (Evete). We walked the 30 mins to her house with the kitten crying super loud. We got there to find tem getting ready to leave for a b-day party. They gave the kitten a little bit of milk, talked to their neighbor who gladly took in the kitten. Evete quickly asked if I knew how to braid hair. I said yes and started braiding her hair. After about 30 seconds she softly said, "I will go to church tomorrow". I was shocked because she always had an excuse not to go. I was so excited! We chatted and she wanted to walk to the party which was in the same direction as our house, so we walked together. She started talking about how earlier that day she has asked a woman from her church to do her hair for the party and the woman replied that if she had time she would. At about 8pm Evete started praying to have someone to do her hair. She came to the conclusion that she was used to "leaving home ugly" and started to lose hope. At that very moment we knocked on her door and were able to help. She said "God sent two angels to my house tonight". The Lord put that kitten there with a purpose!!!! My aunt Saresa taught me how to French braid for a purpose too :) I know it sounds so silly to think that a kitten could make such a difference, but it was another testimony to me that the Lord guides his children to help one another. 


I am so grateful for this gospel and know that it is true. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored through a prophet of God. The gospel holds the answers to all of life’s deepest questions. I love this work! I love my Savior and know that he gave his life for each of us individually. He lives! 


I love this people and am honored to be here in Belém serving! 


Love always,

Sister Sender 



-we eat rice with spaghetti noodles and beans every day and they switch between chicken and beef. salad is lettuce and sliced cucumbers or tomatoes without dressing.  (sometimes they put sal or vinagre on it) 


- it is summer here too :) 95-115 everyday walking in the sun is a blast :) anything below 80 degrees is freezing!! 


love ya! 

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