Saturday, November 8, 2014

September 22, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week!!! NOSSA!! Well we are doing great :) I love my companion and we are having a ton of success. It is so wonderful having someone to laugh at my silliness and just have fun while working. I think I have laughed and smiled a lot more this past week, which was wonderful!! 


It was a challenging, but wonderful week. We taught a ton and walked a ton too. I tried to teach my comp how to do a street contact inside of a city bus full of people, but she chickened out... leaving me alone in the front of the bus full of people.... she was laughing at my craziness, but surprisingly I wasn’t nervous and it was quite fun! I have learned that if we are comfortable in our little comfort zone, we do not progress. How do we progress?? Change! Do something different! Preach the gospel on the city bus again :) haha she laughs at me, but we are having success because we are doing things differently than we have tried in the past. I love this work! 

I have loved my time serving the people here in Belém. We are so blessed o have the luxuries that

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