Saturday, November 8, 2014

September 15, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow what a week!!!! I finally have a companion again!!!! Yay!!! Sister C. Cardoso. It is quite funny because I already served with a mini missionary named "Sister G. Cardoso" and now I am serving with Sister C. Cardoso. So many Cardosos!!! 


We had a successful week full of teaching and running around our area trying to organize Andressa's baptism. She was so excited. It was great to see her in white :) I am not sure if you all remember Jamilli? Well she is an incredible member missionary!!! Andressa is her best friend, and Jamilli took charge helping us teach her friend. It was the most incredible sight watching your recent convert share her testimony at the baptismal service of her best friend. The spirit was so powerful. I love this work!!! 


I have thought a lot about "missionary work" this week. I pondered and reflected about just how incredible it is that 80,000 young men and women voluntarily serve missions! As we taught a preacher of one of our investigators this week, he was full of questions about missionary service and he just couldn’t seem to wrap his mind around the fact that we serve voluntarily. He asked "How do you motivate 80,000 young people to do that?!! We replied, "it is simple! Because we know that our message is true and can change lives". 


I know that this work is true and that I am being guided by my father in heaven. I love him! I love this people and I love my mission! 

Have a wonderful week!! Stay Warm!! (that shouldn’t be a problem for me) 


Love always,

Sister Sender 



It is normal to throw trash out your car window, or even your house window. (I don’t though haha) 

Because it is so hot, it is normal to spend all day walking around in just a towel. 

We eat a lot for lunch but to eat dinner is rare. 


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