Saturday, November 8, 2014

October 6, 2014

Dear family and friends,

How was everyone's week? I hope you all had a wonderful general conference weekend! This week was another fast one! We ran around trying to get everything done, but it doesn’t seem to ever get done. We had a baptismal service for Fabio on Saturday between conference sessions, which was wonderful! He was so excited, and loved conference. It truly was the most remarkable moment sitting on a bench filled with recent converts. We had the opportunity to sit with Wyllon, Stephany, Andresa, Jamili, and Fabio yesterday during the conference. It was the most humbling and rewarding experience. They were all beaming! I love all of the talks! Especially D. Todd Christofferson's talk about agency.  

I have grown to really love studying bout agency and the Lord's perfect plan. I found it interesting how he explained that the Lord will support and accept our decisions/ desires if they are just and guided by the spirit. He will not act for us, or make decisions for us. That would take away our agency and corrupt his perfect plan. God wants us to be free to choose. We choose our consequences through our actions. He will guide us as long as we are worthy of his help.  

I also loved Elder Carlos A. Godoy's talk yesterday afternoon. Isn't Portuguese a beautiful language!! The best part was hearing his talk and understanding every word ;) He also talked about our life decisions. I really started to think when he said, " O que Senhor espera de cada um de nós?" (what does the Lord hope (or want) from each of us? I reflected on my life and am still reflecting on this question. The Lord knows our potential, but do we really know our own potential? Makes you think huh! There are so many blessings ahead! We just need to act and be worthy of them. That is why there is repentance! As one of my best friends always says, "Repentance is an eternal principle." 

I love this gospel!! My mission has opened so many doors and changed my vision of what matters most. I am giving my all and know that I can and will always give more. 

Love you all! 
Love Always,

Sister Sender 


1) I killed another cockroach (haha idk how to spell) last night.....ew 

2) there are 1,000 types of ants here and they get into everything!! Even paper!! and they all bite!! ouch! 

3) I am officially allergic to the mango "milk" that drips out when you pick a mango.

4) it is normal to pick fruit from the backyard and make juice. 

5) Açai and cupuaçu are 2 fruits that are only grown here in pará. Açai is exported all over the world, but we drink it pure here right after it is harvested :) 

6) it is normal to eat off of the same plate/spoon/fork/ cup of any random person. 


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