Monday, May 12, 2014

March 31, 2014

What a week of running around! We are working even harder than ever here in Icoaraci. I think the members are a little shocked that we are actually trying to change the current state of this area. I talked with the mission President about our area on Friday and he is really excited to see the progress we are making. We have planted a ton of seeds and now this transfer we have faith that they will grow into a miracle.

This week was again focused on the Plan of Salvation. Our activity on Saturday was a success and we were able to teach the entire ward and investigators about the perfect plan of Happiness.

 The Activity started out by "traveling" in an airplane (yes I stood in front of the ward with my arms stuck out pretending to fly on a airplane) We arrived in Las Vegas where they had the opportunity to play some games and use a little envelope of play money. They also had the option to play spiritual games. After a little bit of time we "boarded" the air plane, but on the return the plane crashed and we all passed away. Us four sisters were able to teach about the spirit world, resurrection and judgment and then depending on how they used their play money during this life on earth (Vegas) we prepared the three kingdoms of Glory.

I had the opportunity to teach the people inside of the Celestial Kingdom. It was an experience that I will never forget. The spirit was so strong as each person shared their testimony and we discussed the purpose of this life and the beauty of the life to come. When we opened the door to leave, we could hear the loud talking and craziness of the other kingdoms. We closed the door and stayed in our little piece of heaven for a little bit longer. I know that the Celestial kingdom will be full of peace, love and the spirit of our father in heaven, and if we do our part here on the earth, we can receive all of the blessing our father has in store for us. It is up to us and the decisions that we are making each day. I look forward to spending eternity will my current and future eternal family and am doing everything that I can to become better each day to one day stand face to face with my Savior and father in heaven. I hope each of you are striving to reach this same goal.

I love my Savior and am so grateful for the sacrifice he made for each one of us. This time of year is so special, as we remember the atonement of our Savior and also the beauty of His resurrection. I know that He lives. I know that He loves us, and I know that He is always at our side.

I love each of you and hope you have a wonderful week and wonderful General Conference!

Love Always,

Sister Sender

Funny things this week...
-Well I successfully broke a fan with my hand this week (I don’t recommend trying it...) I also flooded the bathroom taking a shower with a huge bucket of water when we didn’t have running water to take a shower.

-we had to turn off the energy because the ceiling filled with water and the light bulbs were filling up with water (huge rain storms this week )

- a parrot made a #2 on my companion during lunch one day

-ate giant shrimp and had to break off the heads and legs :) They were huge!


and many others that we will save for after the mission ;)

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