Monday, May 12, 2014

March 10, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing? I hear that it is warming up there :) finally! Just think in a few months you will be able to relate to the weather here in Brasil. 


This week was full of learning experiences and I really saw a tiny glimpse of what our Savior went through during his earthly ministry. This work is hard, but so wonderful. The other night I returned home a little sad thinking about one of my investigators and what was going on with her. I was honestly frustrated. I definitely remembered that Satan works 24 hrs per day and we only work 15 per day. those 9 hrs make a huge difference. If only we didn’t need to sleep! ;) I was comforted by a talk given by Elder Holland to a group of mission presidents a few years ago. He spoke about the common question missionaries ask, "why is this work so hard?" I loved his response and will never forget it. Elder Holland responded, "Salvation is not easy". It hit me so strongly that we are literally fighting for our personal salvation and helping others understand and fight for their salvation too. Of course it is not easy! It requires work and also requires a ton of faith on our part. I know that this gospel is the only way, the only path on the road to one day becoming like our father in heaven. He is perfect. We will never reach perfection on this earth, but if we put in our best, we can become our best. 


Yesterday I have the opportunity to speak in church and after pondering I decided to talk about our personal conversion and how we can personally develop our personal testimony. I felt an overwhelming love of our Savior yesterday and I know that when we truly strive to become closer to him, converted in this gospel, we can feel of his presence more clearly and then have a desire to share this powerful message with those around us. it starts with us. It starts with a simple testimony of the truth and then the rest can grow little by little each day. It is by small and simple things, great things come to past. 


I love my mission and love my area. The work is moving forward! Love you all! 


Have a marvelous week!

Love Always,

Sister Sender 



       the other day the street we needed to cross was completely flooded. We had to walk through the water.... it was wonderful looking at all of the hidden surprises.... thank goodness for soap! 

     there are hundreds of giant frogs here that jump in the streets and I see white cranes everyday 

     we have been running in the morning at the "orla" a path along the river and it is breathtaking 

there are hundreds of species of ants here. if you leave any type of food out for more than 3 minutes, the ants already attack it. They even get inside of the refrigerator! I don’t know how they do it! 


we eat rice messed together with bananas quite often here 


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