Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 28, 2013

 Family and Friends!

What a week! Sorry I didn’t write much last week, we didn’t have much time to email. This week was so fast that it is hard to remember what even happened! This week was filled with love and change. One of my favorite things about the mission is helping people make changes in their lives. We teach so many people and honestly the majority of them are lazy and do not want to change, but when we finally help someone make changes for the better, the joy is priceless. For example,  Irmã Idelcina and Irmão Silva. They are finally getting married after seven years of working with missionaries. All of their children are members of the church and one already served a mission! We have been working with their family a ton and now they are getting married, two of their children are as well and then on November 9th they are getting baptized :) it is so exciting because the new church building will be dedicated right before the baptism, so the mission president and basically the whole stake will be present for this baptism. I love this family so much and am so excited for them. I am so excited for them to begin this wonderful journey in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are already making plans for them to go to the temple in one year to be sealed for time and all eternity. It is moments like this that drive me to serve even harder here in the mission. I am blessed to watch people change and accept our savior Jesus Christ and am so honored to be serving the people here in Capanema another transfer with Sister De Lima.

  I have learned a lot in the first chapter of my mission. I have truly learned how to love people and how to serve. Many times is life we start to become focused on ourselves and our own struggles/weaknesses. It is during these times that we need to forget ourselves and put others first. We are blessed with so many luxuries in this life and need to remember to serve and more importantly, to love. I have felt my heart expand here in Brazil and cannot help but feel an overwhelming love for those I meet every day. The people here are now a part of me. They are part of my family and I am so grateful for the power of love. Especially Christ-like love. 


I hope you all have a wonderful week and feel of my love and prayers for each of you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!!!


Love Always,

Sister Sender


Cultural Things:

- When a person passes away they have an open casket service... people touch  and kiss the body, or hold the hand of the dead person.

- they drink soda (can) and juice with two straws because it is faster 

- children run around in their underwear/or nothing and it is completely normal (0-about 12 years of age) 

-it is normal to drink hot chocolate with crackers at night before bed (80+ degrees)

- They eat pizza with ketchup, fork and knife

- salad is a mix of cabbage and lettuce thinly slices with cucumbers and tomato slices. They dont use dressing. They use salt and olive oil or vinegar

- food is packed with salt....so much salt. 

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