Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 14, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

What a busy week! I learned a lot this week and really felt like a servant of the Lord. I taught a lot of heart felt lessons and a lots of special experiences occurred because of it. I will share a little bit, but many of the moments are too sacred to share. 

One experience was with 15 year old Khalil. We have committed him many times to read the Book of Mormon and he has not followed through with his commitments. One day this week, Sister De Lima and I had a lesson fall through and she asked me what I wanted to do. I said "let’s visit Khalil". We haven’t been able to find his house because we always teach him at his grandmas. We searched for his house and I told Sister De Lima to enter this one street with me. His house was the first one :) We talked with Khalil for a while and he almost said that he would rather not continue working with us, but I started to talk... I don’t remember what I said, but I spoke in fluent Portuguese with him. I remember feeling an overwhelming feeling of love for him and told him that I pray for him specifically by name every day. I pray for his success and ability to receive a response to his prayers. He became emotional and had goose bumps very visible. I asked him what he was feeling. He said that he felt bad he had not read the Book of Mormon and that he had the evidence of truth in his hands for over two months. I then asked him, "do you think what we are telling you is true?" and he said, after today, yes. I have never in my life had someone tell me that they pray for me and love me. He felt an overwhelming feeling of love and afterwards he said that he would read and then pray to know the truth. (and he did :) I know that the words I spoke to Khalil were not my words. When Sister De Lima and I reflected together, she told me that I spoke 100% fluent Portuguese with Khalil. She understood every word and so did Khalil. The spirit in our lesson was different and very strong. I know this is because we taught by the spirit and followed the feelings in our hearts. The lord  will always give you the words to speak when you are on his errand. 


We also had a baptism of Renato this week. He lives in another city, so we had to travel 1.5 hrs to teach him. He is amazing! He sacrificed everything to be baptized. His family disowned him and he lives alone now. He was baptized in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday. He invited so many peple and many members traveled to support him. After he was baptized he came up to me and said "you saved my life. thank  you". This is why I am serving a mission. Renato is now preparing to serve a mission as well. We are also creating a group of members in his city and eventually a branch and then a ward. :) 


I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. My mission has changed my life. My capacity to love has expanded and I know that the Lord sent me to Brazil to bring others unto Christ. I really am serving in the Mission of Miracles


Love always,

Sister Sender



Cultural things:

They bury their dead in marble coffins above ground :) 

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