Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 21, 2013

Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing? Thank you all so much for the letters and emails. They are wonderful!! This week was a week I will never forget. I saw a lot of pain, sorrow, and Joy. I learned a lot about listening to every prompting of the Spirit and how the Lord really does work through his servants. 


We have been teaching a woman (50 yrs old) for a while, but she randomly disappeared. She owns a restaurant, but it has been closed for a week and her house looks abandoned. On Saturday we were walking past the restaurant, and I felt prompted to enter and talk to Nini. She was alone and we started talking through the window. She became extremely emotional. I dropped my bag, entered the kitchen and just held her. We eventually sat down and talked for a while. She is going through a ton of family problems and moved houses. After a little while I felt prompted to help her with the dishes. I thought no this is a restaurant. I can’t do that. I felted prompted again. I asked if I could helkp and she said "oh no no it will be easy". I stood up and said I will help you I will only take 5 mins. We started washing and literally the entire kitchen and restaurant was clean in 5-10 mins. As we were ready to leave the light in her eyes was brilliant.  She was filled with light and love. Share the light of Christ! Share with those around you! I have washed a lot of dishes here in Brazil and have also gained a lot of dear friends because of it. Look for opportunities to serve this week and you will feel a difference in your relationships with others.


It is short this week!! 


I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!!! 


Love Always,

Sister Sender 

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