Saturday, June 14, 2014

May 19,2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Can you even believe that a week has already passed by?? I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by! This week was crazy busy and we worked super hard. This week was also full of new experiences. We did some divisions, spent a day in the hospital with Sister Conforme, and even found a family to teach! I am also finishing up training my "daughter" Sister L. Olivera and as a result we did a few divisions with our district leader for her to see how she is progressing. I was so proud of Sister L. Oliveira and the progress that she is making. It is incredible. My district leader was very impressed and when I was talking to Sister L. Oliveira about it afterwards she made a comment that made me start thinking. She said, "well, you do always say teach the people with love, and thats what I did." I took a minute to think about what she said and was honestly touched. It is so true, if we teach and serve one another with love, the Lord can truly work through us, and to me that is the best feeling in the world. I love my companion and am so proud of her. We are doing everything we can to serve her and to help this ward progress. It is tough at times, but I know that the Lord is guiding his work.


I also had the chance to help Sister Conforme in the hospital. We rode the city bus to Belém for a few hours and I even got to see a street protest. (it was way different than an USA protest) The people were throwing fire bombs in the streets and screaming (I will have to explain that one after the mission). Once we got to Belém we had a few wonderful spiritual experiences. We saw one of my investigators and were able to talk with her in the street which was great. We also saw a member from Cidade Nova that stopped me in the street to catch up on life, and then the best part was when a car drove by and it was a man that we re-activated and married in Capanema (he baptized his dad after the new church dedication, I love that family so much). It was almost a flashback day for me. I couldn’t help but just smile and remember so many wonderful people that I have met here in Brasil. Once we arrived at the hospital, Sister conforme had a bunch of exams and then they gave her an IV. I took the time to start talking to people. It was quite hilarious actually, because everyone wanted to talk to the " young American girl". Sometimes being from a different country has its benefits. I taught a few lessons and chatted with a few cute old ladies. Even the doctor was interested. After a long day in the Hospital, we headed back home and I talked with some more people on the city bus. It was a blast. I am so grateful for the joy that the gospel brings and for the love that we get to share with all of the wonderful people here in Belém.


I know that this gospel brings perfect joy, and that through our Savior Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to become clean again in preparation to one day return to the presence of our father in Heaven. I am not perfect. I have a ton of learning to do and need to improve in so many areas of my life, but I am putting forth all of my efforts and truly trying to one day reach perfection. I know I can’t do that alone. That is why we have our Savior Jesus Christ. I love my Savior.


I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Love always,

Sister Sender


ps: remember to smile :)

pps: the world cup is coming and everything here is turning green and yellow (brasil) its pretty cool.

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