Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 2, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

What a marathon week! We had transfers and I didn’t know anything until Tuesday and then things were finalized on Friday. (some areas are not even finalized). I was transferred! Saying goodbye was bitter sweet and actually really difficult. I gave my heart to the people of Capanema and it is always hard to say goodbye to those you love. It was that same aching feeling that I felt when I hugged my family goodbye for the last time. Just imagine hugging person after person and having people break down crying in your arms. It was heart breaking. I had one young woman look me in the eyes saying "promise you will return after your mission!" I said yes... not knowing if I really will. It is my dream to return and visit the people I served with my future husband one day. I hope this dream comes true. Missions are bitter sweet. We meet tons of people and serve until we are exhausted at the end of each day and eventually have to say goodbye. Imagine how our Savior felt during his earthly ministry. He loved every individual with a perfect love. It had to have been heart wrenching to say goodbye in each city He served in. 

I am once again opening a new area for sisters in Cidade Nova (6&7). My companion is sister Barros (another sister from São Paulo aka the Utah of Brazil). We are working hard while having fun. She is incredible and is me in the Brazilian form! aka she is crazy. haha but in the most wonderful way. I am excited for the changes (especially taking a shower with clean water for the first time in almost five months). Cidade Nova is wonderful. The members are so excited to have sisters. It has been nine years since they have had sisters here! (sorry mom... but it is because this area is really dangerous). Almost the same story as capanema (15 years without sisters). I feel so much excitement and cannot wait to see what adventure Cidade Nova holds. The mission president definitely has high expectations for me! (2nd aread and 2nd time opening an area for sisters). 


Cidade Nova 6&7 is my area and our ward has one set of elders that are serving with us. Elder ´Poaletti, my district leader in the MTC is one of them. It is great to see a familiar face. During these past few days, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow quite a bit. I have felt the hand of God mold me and it is incredible. We live in a time full of excitement and we each have so many opportunities to grow and progress. The Lord truly has a plan and potential for each of us in this life. We each can reach our full potential through our Savior Jesus Christ. Every imperfection can be made perfect through Christ. Before the mission and in the MTC my biggest fear was that I would not reach my potential/achieve the plan/goal the Lord prepared for me, but I have learned that through faith in Him and His timing we each will achieve our potential and He will be proud of what we become, if we are faithful to the end. The Lord's hands are tied until we exercise our faith. I am learning how to rely on Him and trying to follow the plan He has set for me. I am serving a mission in Northern Brazil solely on faith in his timing and plan for me in this life. The things I am learning are priceless. 

Remember to rely on Him always, and have faith in His plan and His timing. There always are blessings after every hardship and our progression will continue as long as we express our faith in him. 

I love each of you and hope you are all doing wonderful and can feel of my love and prayers for you. 



They use propane gas tanks (same as an outdoor grill) inside their houses with a lighter to start the stove and oven. 

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