Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 16, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was full of landmarks! 6 month mark! I ate the same thing for three days in four different houses, saw a person taking a shower in the street, saw a parade of 500+ horses pass by, was invited to celebrate Christmas by more than ten different people, and of course my testimony was strengthened a ton this week through the 1st presidency devotional and night of music put on by the missionaries. I can’t really explain it, but it doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. Maybe it is the weather ;) I have been reflecting on the meaning of Christmas. President Scisci said something that touched my heart the other night. "eu testifico que Cristo nasceu" (I testify that Christ was born). I have been thinking about this sentence. We often testify that Christ is our Savior, He lives, He died for us, he resurrected on the third day, but how often do we testify of his birth? This was the first step in His earthly ministry. His birth was crucial and so beautiful. I know that Christ was born in the humblest of places to the Virgin Mary. I am so grateful for Mary and her love and acceptance to be the mother of our Savior. Christ was born in Bethlehem. In Portuguese Belém means Bethlehem.  I know it is not the same country, but it makes my mission even more special that the city where I am serving has connection to Christ. I have felt my love and connection to my savior grow so much here on my mission. I am learning how to put my life, thoughts, and actions in his hands. He really does break you down until you become humble and then builds you back up through experience and love.


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and feel of the special spirit de Natal! 


Feliz Natal!


Love always (amor para sempre),

Sister Sender 

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