Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I have learned and grown so much this week and have so much to write about! I have learned a lot about the importance of the spirit in our lives. I teach people every day about Jesus Christ and the restoration of the gospel, but the spirit is crucial. i cannot touch the hearts of the people unless I teach by the spirit. During General Conference yesterday, Elder David M McConkie said something that I loved, After we prepare a lesson or something to teach "we have to be able to let go and follow the spirit". This can be scary and sometimes I would prefer to just teach a lesson, but teaching by the spirit is powerful. Only the Lord knows what we truly need. 


I also had the opportunity this week to be "tested". My zone leader and another district leader traveled to Capanema and I had to teach them a gospel lesson. After I finished they would critique me (president is doing this with lots of misssionaries in order to find missionaries ready to train). I taught them and they gave me pointers, but the best part was when they said that my Portuguese is incredible for the time I have been here. They said that they understood everything I said and felt the spirit strongly. Miracle!! They finished by saying "you are ready to train and will soon. So start preparing". The Lord is hastening his work! I still have one week left in my own training and am preparing to train another new missionary soon. I know that we can do all things through the Lord. He is a perfect God that works through imperfect people. 


A fun moment this week was after the 1st session of conference. Renato (member) told me to grab my camera. We walked behind the sacrament table only to see a huge iguana. it was a meter long and cool/creepy. It started running around the room and everyone was standing on their chairs. When they caught the iguana they picked him up by the tail and ok DRUM ROLL.... I held the iguana!! Yes me. I about died haha. I love the random moments of excitement here. It is in these moments of joy that I know the Lord is laughing along-side us. Maybe He was laughing when He created the world. "hmmm... this spider  is for Sister Sender, oh and this yummy cock croach too haha!" I am so grateful for these moments and for the hand of the Lord in our lives. I loved the words of Elder Holland on Saturday "Never lose faith in the love of the Lord. You cannot comprehend how much the Lord loves you". I know this to be true. The Lord loves each of us with a perfect love. He allows us to break down so we can build- up even stronger. I have felt this in my mission. I love you all so much! Keep the faith, persevere, and remember to laugh. 


Laughter is one of the strongest medications.


Love Always,

Sister Sender 


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