Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30, 2013

Dear Family and Friends!

Another great week in Capanema! it is interesting how every week of my mission thus far has been centered on a specific topic. This week was prayer. In the mission I pray more than ten times a day ok more like twenty. We pray with the people we teach and the spirit is so powerful. I was touched many times this week by very powerful prayers. Our investigators pray for us during our lessons. They ask that we will be able to find others to share our message with. They pray for our safety and success. When they express thanks for our presence in their home I can’t help but feel an overwhelming joy for them as well as in my own life. When I thought about prayer this week, I felt like I should pray even more! But then I thought, how can I further strengthen my relationship with my father in heaven? Answer: sincere prayer. I began to study this exact question. How can I have more effective personal prayer? I narrowed it down to 3 things:

1) Pray specifically for guidance and pray for other specifically

2) pray to be shown what to say/do and know that the Lord knows what you need better than you do

3) Believe your prayers will be answered.

A prayer is a conversation with our father in Heaven. A two way conversation. Listen for responses. They will come.

Another great experience this week was the baptism of Mykellem. She is incredible! I love teaching her and her spirit is so strong. She is nine years old and recently moved in with a family in the church. She came from a broken home and I felt so honored to help her feel love and purpose in her life. It was wonderful!

Another Miracle this week was with an investigator Idelcina and Silva. She has waited almost 8 years to be baptized in the church because she is not married. We have been working with them. After seven years of missionaries THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!! They signed papers this week and they baptism is marked for November 9th :) I am so excited! 


I think about my journey thus far. One year ago President Monson announced the change in age for missionaries. I never thought i would serve a mission... I honestly never had a huge desire to serve a mission, but here I am. I love my mission! This time in my life has been incredible and will only continue to become more exciting. One year ago... if only I knew I would be sitting at a computer in Brazil serving a mission. The Lord really does have a plan for each of us. He sees the big picture. We just have to rely on Him and his timing.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week and general conference!!

Love always,

Sister Sender

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