Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I made it!

Date: July 29, 2013, 3:35:10 PM EDT
To: Joan Sender <>, Doug Sender <>

I made it!


I only get ten minutes because I am in the mission office. but usually I will get 1 hr. I will give you more details next week. (I had to go to the police for the third time to get finger printed and registered)


first off i love you all so much! The plane ride was great but long. i was traveling for 29+ hrs!! my calling card wouldn’t work in Sao Paulo 


My new area is called Capanema in the city of Castanhal. My companion and I (who doesn’t speak any English) are the first sisters to serve there in 15 years!! We are opening a new area and the people are incredible!! 


We had our first baptism on Saturday! I was having a rough time because people speak so fast and I can speak but then the spirit I felt at the baptism made me realize that this is why I am here. I have my moments with the cultural shock. 2 ice cold showers a day and lizards in the apt. but I love the people. 


I am out of time but I love you and will write a lot more next week!! please pray for me!! 


-love always 


Sister Sender


ps: everyone stares at me... I am the Americano that is tall and white haha with light eyes..... yeah I thought mine were dark.... nope haha 


They are building a brand new church building... it looks like a temple!! Gorgeous! It has A/c which is a miracle! It is 100% humidity here and no a/c (I stopped wearing makeup the first day haha)


 I play the piano at everything! I played at zone conference for a musical number and then again for church in Capanema. 



love love love you!! 

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