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February 17, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week has flown by and another transfer as well. I do not feel ready to leave Cidade Nova (Ananindeua) but here I go. I am off to serve in Icoaraci! Changing companions once again... I love Sister Vargas so much and the past six weeks have been incredible! We have seen miracles, laughed, cried, and loved the people here. We have a wonderful teaching group of more than 30 people, and honestly I am sad that I won’t be here to help them progress in the gospel of Christ. I know they each have so much potential and Sister Vargas will help them understand the importance of the Gospel in their lives. I leave for Icoaraci Thursday morning and will start another adventure in my third area. My new companion will be Sister Felix (from São Paulo)... it will be great. I have absolutely loved my time serving in this area and love the people here. Sister Vargas has become such a close friend and was exactly what I needed at this time in the mission. A new area will be exciting too. I have heard good things and know that the area is more dangerous than my current area (sorry mom), but has tons of potential. Def bitter sweet living. I am not very good with goodbyes and people crying. When the members start crying and expressing thanks, I can’t help but think, "I was just serving the Lord and being 'Sister Sender' what is so special about that", but it is so humbling to feel and share a special love with each and every member and person here that I have been able to meet. I really do love the people of Cidade Nova! 


This week was a week full of celebration and miracles in my district! Valentine's day, reached the 8 month mark, Elder Poaletti's b-day, 7 month mark for Sister Vargas, Elder Ritz finished his mission, transfer, b-day of a recent convert, huge ward activity full of investigators, and achieving a ton of personal goals. It was an exciting week and through all this excitement, we worked and taught a ton. My personal testimony is expanding and I am starting to really feel like a servant of God. it is indescribable. When we enter a house or talk with people, our focus is helping them feel of our Saviors love. I love to have others solve their problems, answer questions, and share my testimony of the Restored Gospel of Christ. I know that through the gospel of Christ we can truly feel true happiness. I wanted to share an experience this week...


We were visiting Debora the other day and she was feeling really depressed. We had felt prompted to visit her and share a brief thought. It was exactly what she needed. We were able to help her prepare food for her work and just bring a smile to her face. When we were leaving her house, i felt prompted to pass by a house of a young man (Junior) that we had met a few days earlier. When we clapped at the gate, he said that he was about to leave to go to church. We scheduled an appt with him for the next day. We then passed by his friend's house to see if he was home. We ended up bringing along a member (Aline and her son Lucas). We were welcomed in and started conversing with him, his grandma, and sister. Then all of a sudden Junior walked in with a group of young men. They all were getting ready to go to their church. They ended up staying and listening to our entire message about the plan of salvation. They were each actively involved and wanted to learn more. I was a little nervous, but through the spirit we were able to teach a powerful message and commit each of them to baptism. It was so exciting! Then Saturday they all went to our ward activity (more than an hour away from their houses- walking) and loved it! They are progressing and i know that the gospel with change their lives for the better. 


I know that the gospel of Cristo is true and that our Father in Heaven knows us personally. I am so grateful that our Savior gave his life for me personally and that if we each live our life to the best of our ability, we can each one day return to live with him. This is the greatest blessing of all. Eternal life. 


I love each of you! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! 


Love Always,

Sister Sender


Ps: Cultural

they use the same sentence to say, take a shower, walking in the down pouring rain , and swimming in a pool. "tomar banho" no chuva (the rain) na piscina (the pool) or the shower is just "tomar banho" 


They make lunch and then put the food back in the pots and pans after they eat and then the food sits on the stove until 7 or 8 at night and they re-heat it and eat it for dinner. 


washing your hands here is the same with or without soap.... water cleans your hands in their opinion. (I like soap haha) 


I tried a ton of new fruits this week. one was a neon purple kiwi! so cool 

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