Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boa Tarde!
Tudo Bem? How is everyone doing? Here at the Provo MTC, things are wonderful! I currently am in a trio and love it! My companions are great! Sister Clark is from WA and Sister Garner is from ID. We work really well together and study constantly.
I will be here in the Provo MTC for 6 weeks unless my visa comes. Rumor has it that the visa problem will be resolved in mid-July. I have also been told that I will learn more detailed Portuguese here in Provo, so I am grateful to be here. I arrived Wednesday and started learning Portuguese right away. By Friday my companions and I taught an entire lesson in Portuguese. It was a very humbling experience. Imagine trying to teach someone sobre Jesus Cristo wthout being able to fully understand them or express yourself. Difficult yet humbling. On Friday we learned how to pray and testify and then taught right after that.
At 7 am on Saturday we taught Henrique again and a tender mercy happened. After teaching him about our loving Pai Celestial (Heavenly Father) and Restoration of the gospeI, I felt inspired to testify that I knew the things we taught were true. I spoke in Portuguese and said "I know that our Savior (Salvador) Jesus Cristo lives and that God loves us. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true an that if we pray to our father in Heaven, we can receive answers to our questions. I knew Henrique did not understand everything I said, but right before I stopped, I looked at him and said "Eu Sei que Deus ama voce" (I know that God loves you). At that moment a peace filled the room and it did not matter that I couldn't completely express myself in Portuguese. Henrique could feel God's love for him. He felt peace; he felt the Holy Ghost. This experience is exactly what my mission is about. Bringing others unto Christ. I have the honor of bringing Joy and peace to the people of Belem and cannot wait to meet and serve them. I know that God is real and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. May God bless each of you this week!
Love Always,
Sister Haley Marie Sender
Ps: Please feel free to write me!
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Sister Haley Maire Sender 
2013 N 900 E Unit 300
Provo, UT 84602

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