Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I can't beleive i have already been in the MTC for 2 weeks! only 4 more! Rumor has it that the visa problems with Brazil should be resolved mid-July... I leave July 22 so I could have my visa or I could be temporarily reassigned to serve in the States. I would honestly be content with either senario. An Elder from NC in my district submitted his visa the same time as I did through DC and also had the online visa expire. He was told that his visa should be here around July 11th! So we will see. I also met some people from Brazil this week! They are serving at Temple square in SLC. We were able to practice speaking Portuguese and sang a few Hymns in Portugese. It was so fun!!! On Sunday all of the Missionaries from the MTC attended the World Wide missionary Broadcast in the Marriott Center. It was incredible! We were not allow to take notes which was a bummer, but it was also nice sitting and just absorbing all of the wonderful messages. (I was planning on singing in the Choir, but the new missionaries were not allowed because of set number of seats in the Choir).
This week was a tough one, but I learned a lot about myself. I never realized how impatient I am. I get frustarted about not being fluent, not learning fast enough, or just little things. I have had to remind myself that I have only been learning for two weeks and that things happen in God's timing not in my timing. I just have to have faith and work hard. A cool experience this week... I was sitting in class and was having a rough time. I was trying my best to stay optimistic. My companions and I had practiced teaching and planned some upcoming lessons. In the middle of my companionship practice I looked down at a pamphlet sitting on my desk. The cover of the pamphlet has a picture of Christ holding a little lamb in his arms. At that moment I felt overhelmed with love and felt I was the one being embraced. The lamb looked so helpless and was leaning on our Savior's shoulder. I felt complete love and felt tears building up in my eyes. I needed that love and comfort. We all go through hard times and even feel helpless sometimes, but I know and testify that if we lean on Him and have faith in the power of His Atonement, He will embrace us with His infinite love. Have a marvelous week! God Bless!
Love always,
Sister Sender

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