Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,


This week was an absolutely incredible week! it was full of spiritual promptings and miracles, and I know that the Lord is hearing and answering my prayers. We have been working with an incredible thirty nine year old woman. She has been working with missionaries since September and has been progressing off and on. She has been going to church off and on, but wasn’t ready to become a member. She had a ton of doubts and excuses, but knew she had found the truth and my love for her is indescribable because of her perseverance. She changed her entire life in order to be baptized yesterday. She quit smoking after twenty years, stopped drinking coffee, went against everything negative her family was telling her about the church, searched and studied for answers, accepted that we have a living prophet, and then listened to the spiritual prompting to be baptized. We actually had her baptism date marked for the 25th and she asked to move it to Feb 1st because of health situations, but on Wednesday during our lesson my comp and I felt prompted to go through some of the interview questions with her. She passed and we invited her to be baptized just a few days later. She accepted and had a beautiful baptismal service Sunday after the meetings were finished. She was so excited! My testimony was strengthened. We cannot give up on those we are teaching, if they have found the truth and have accepted the message of the restored gospel, they will come unto Christ and be baptized!


It is the same with each of us. Once we have found the truth, we need to stay firm in what we know and more importantly share what we know to be true. I am so grateful for my testimony and knowledge. Before the mission I didn’t really make a huge effort to share the gospel with my friends. Yes, I invited them to dances and activities, but never to hear a message from the missionaries. Why not? Why didn’t I? I know that after my mission I want to help the missionaries and more importantly help my friends feel the joy this gospel brings. Think about those you can help feel this joy, and invite them to hear a special message about our Savior Jesus Christ. Inviting is the first step :) then they at least have the chance to choose to accept :) 


I love you all so much!!


Have a wonderful week!


Love Always,

Sister Sender 

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